Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

It can be tough trying to take care of all that life has to offer. The yard starts to get weeds, the grass gets too high, and then the city starts to send notices. No-one wants to have to deal with that hassle, why not let us maintain your lawn for you. No mess, no fuss, we arrive on a scheduled time and you enjoy a clean yard.

Our garden maintenance service will help keep your garden weed-free. Whether it’s a vegetable or flower style garden your guests will love the freshness.

The crew at Boulder Landscape Design wants to deliver great quality care to your lawn. In winter, it can be difficult trying to keep your yard maintained, that’s where we offer snow removal. You can enjoy your winters without having to struggle with icy walkways. Fertilization is also important for taking care of your lawn and flowers. That’s why we offer great care when we re-fertilize your yard. In Colorado, you might deal with dead grass stems, leaf and twig debris, even winter mold. This is where we offer de-thatching.

Related Services

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Sprinkler & Irrigation

Having dry grass can turn your yard into a yellowish-brown when it’s supposed to be lush green in the spring and summer. You don’t want to wake up to that. It’s important to have a good irrigation system that is not only on a time but that’s environmentally friendly as well. If you’d like to discover more about the technology that we use, click on the button below.

Outdoor Living

A beautiful yard is great. You get to enjoy the gorgeous grass and garden of flowers. But have you considered creating a space that’s made just for you? Comfortable outdoor furniture, a table that’s reversible for card games, and maybe a mounted TV that lets you enjoy the latest sporting event. We also offer various recreational activities that are perfect for outdoor living. To take a look at the other features that we offer for enjoying outside, click on the button below. 

Hardscaping Services

When you have a house and you want to make it feel more like an estate, it’s important to have a luxurious hardscape. But what is hardscaping? There are many variations, some like to take pleasure in seeing crafted cobblestone. Others enjoy a well-crafted walkway around the house that connects the backyard to the driveway. There are a few playful ways to create a hardscape for children. Wood chips are one way. It’s great to have on a backyard playground for the little ones to run on. To view more hardscape options, click on the button below.

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