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An amazing landscape can make a house. Not only does it raise the property value, it gives off a more inviting vibe that you and your loved ones can enjoy. We offer a delightful custom landscape for your home. From design to build, we’ll take care of everything. With the creative design, it’s not just as simple as putting grass down, we really believe in setting the ambiance of the exterior of your house.

You get to enjoy the elegance of having your own patio leading to a terrace. If you’d like, we have building experts to create a gorgeous gazebo for you to enjoy your morning coffee in. But why stop there? Enjoy custom spas that help you to relax more after a long day. Want to have a pool party but missing the pool? We’ve got the solution for that. Boulder Landscape Design can offer a comfortable pool that fits your desire.

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About us

This team of experts has so much fun with imagining new landscape ideas for our clients. For them, it’s like a blank canvas where they collaborate and make it into a reality. It starts with a design from one of our incredible architects. These architects are some of the top in their field. That allows them to put those skills into an astonishing design that is then given to our landscapers. To learn more about our process and who we are, click below.


We have some breathtaking services to transform your yards. Check them out below.

Landscape Design & Construction

Are you tired of seeing the same old yard day after day? Our team is able to fix that. From concept to design to creation, our team transforms your yard into something that you can be proud of. If you’re not sure of what you’d like to see, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To find out more about the awesome creations that we offer, click on the button below.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

It can be tough trying to take care of all that life has to offer. The yard starts to get weeds, the grass gets too high, and then the city starts to send notices. No-one wants to have to deal with that hassle, why not let us maintain your lawn for you. No mess, no fuss, we arrive on a scheduled time and you enjoy a clean yard. Learn more by clicking on the button below.

Sprinkler & Irrigation

Having dry grass can turn your yard into a yellowish-brown when it’s supposed to be lush green in the spring and summer. You don’t want to wake up to that. It’s important to have a good irrigation system that is not only on a time but that’s environmentally friendly as well. If you’d like to discover more about the technology that we use, click on the button below.

Outdoor Living



A beautiful yard is great. You get to enjoy the gorgeous grass and garden of flowers. But have you considered creating a space that’s made just for you? Comfortable outdoor furniture, a table that’s reversible for card games, and maybe a mounted TV that lets you enjoy the latest sporting event. We also offer various recreational activities that are perfect for outdoor living. To take a look at the other features that we offer for enjoying outside, click on the button below. 

Kitchen & Fire Pit

An outdoor activity only gets better when having a kitchen right there for you to enjoy. You’re able to have a gourmet meal right from your very own patio. With an installed fridge, you’re also able to get cold drinks without having to track dirt throughout the house. Our delightful custom kitchens will meet all your cooking needs. We offer built-in grills and an optional skillet allowing you to even cook breakfast outside as well for a perfect brunch setting. Enjoy a mimosa while the food cooks. To discover more info about the deluxe kitchens and fire pits that we offer, click on the button below.

Hardscaping Services

When you have a house and you want to make it feel more like an estate, it’s important to have a luxurious hardscape. But what is hardscaping? There are many variations, some like to take pleasure in seeing crafted cobblestone. Others enjoy a well-crafted walkway around the house that connects the backyard to the driveway. There are a few playful ways to create a hardscape for children. Wood chips are one way. It’s great to have on a backyard playground for the little ones to run on. To view more hardscape options, click on the button below.

We strive for customer satisfaction. See what are past clients have to say about our work.

Olivia K.

“I just moved into a newly renovated house. Everything looked immaculate…except for the yard. It was just sad. Thanks to Boulder Landscape Design, they created a new custom design for me to review along with an illustrated design. After hiring them, they were able to transform it quickly. It looks phenomenal!”

Logan H.

“Being a business owner, I have a lot on my plate. It’s hard keeping up with my yard. Finally, after coming home and seeing weeds out of control, I was done. I contacted the great people at Boulder Landscape Design and they came right out and cleaned up my yard. Honestly, I never thought it could get that clean. Amazing job!!!”

Isabella J.

“So I’ve heard of drip irrigation from some friends of mine. They told me how environmentally-friendly it was. I’ve been wanting to find better ways to irrigate my lawn but didn’t want to wastewater. I made a phone call and Boulder Landscape Design informed me about the other benefits that they offer. After being convinced and scheduling an install, I’m amazed at the transformation that took place after only a few weeks.”

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